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Covid Exit Strategy & Covid Act Now are now one team


We’re excited to officially announce that Covid Exit Strategy (CES) and Covid Act Now (CAN) are joining forces. Updates to CES will continue until December 20, with the CES team joining CAN to grow the data and tools we provide for you.  We have worked together to identify new official data sources and align on the thresholds for key indicators in order to make this unification possible. CES...

Indigenous Peoples’ Day: Seeing COVID’s impact on majority Native American counties


On Indigenous Peoples’ Day, our team built a tool to help visualize the impact of COVID on majority Native American counties.  Why did we build this feature? As an organization, we are keenly aware of the disproportionate impact that COVID has on Native American populations. According to CDC data, Native Americans have 5.3 times higher rates of hospitalization, 1.4 times higher rates of death...

We visualized COVID’s spread across every U.S. state and county. Here’s what we discovered:


Just by looking at numbers and daily updates, it can be hard to decipher a clear narrative of how COVID has affected the U.S. and its diverse regions over time.  To give you a better understanding, our team at Covid Act Now took all of the data we’ve been collecting and created a time-lapse of COVID’s spread across 3,000+ U.S. counties since March. Watch what happens: Notice anything...

CAN Compare: See COVID’s Spread Across the U.S.


By: Lexie Kaplan CAN Compare is our newest feature to give you a quick way to compare states and counties. Specifically, you can:  Compare states by overall risk level and by each key indicator, e.g. incidence, infection growth rate, test positivity rate, ICU headroom, and tracers hiredCompare counties within a state or nationallyCompare a county to its neighboring countiesCompare just...

Introducing Northern Mariana Islands to the U.S. COVID Coverage Map


Covid Act Now is adding the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands as the second United States territory on our COVID warning system. Check out our first U.S. territory launch of Puerto Rico. The Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands is a territory of the United States located in the Pacific Ocean. It has a population of about 51,433 (as estimated in the  2020 census data), with...

Types of COVID Tests


Getting tested for COVID can be confusing.  Dr. Nirav Shah, senior scholar at Stanford University School of Medicine, describes the three different COVID tests available today: PCR, serology or antibody, and antigen tests. At Covid Act Now, we hope that this post will give you a clear understanding of which COVID test to get, when to get tested, and how to evaluate the advantages, costs, and...

Introduciendo Puerto Rico a nuestro Mapa de Intervenciones para Estados Unidos


Estamos contentos de anunciar el lanzamiento de Puerto Rico en nuestro U.S. Coverage Map! Creemos que este es un importante desarrollo dado que Puerto Rico es un territorio que se ve impactado por las políticas públicas de Estados Unidos — pero que hasta ahora, no tenía visualizaciones de datos de COVID a nivel municipal. Mientras desarrollamos nuestro primer modelo, lamentablemente no...

Infection Rate: Explained


The Infection Rate, or “R(t),” is the number of people one infected person goes on to infect in a specific area, over a specific time. The areas we look at are county and state. The period of time we look at is while a person is contagious (able to spread COVID). In the picture to the right, R(t) is 3. If the R(t) is 3, one person will most likely infect three other people, and those three people...

ICU Headroom Used: Explained


ICU Headroom Used measures an Intensive Care Unit’s (ICU) ability to handle a surge of patients in the case of an outbreak. Metrics like daily new cases and R(t) inform the potential impact on the ICU headroom. You might see similar metrics called “Hospital Capacity.” At Covid Act Now, we chose to measure Hospital ICU capacity because ICUs treat the sickest patients with equipment, like...

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