Introducing Northern Mariana Islands to the U.S. COVID Coverage Map

Covid Act Now is adding the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands as the second United States territory on our COVID warning system. Check out our first U.S. territory launch of Puerto Rico.

The Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands is a territory of the United States located in the Pacific Ocean. It has a population of about 51,433 (as estimated in the  2020 census data), with 90% of the population living on Saipan.

Our hope is that this coverage will give residents of the Northern Mariana Islands the power to make informed decisions on subjects from individual education to public policy, like stay-at-home and mask orders.

Covid Act Now is committed to providing individuals and policy-makers with accurate and useful information on COVID trends for all communities dealing with COVID, including U.S. territories. 

Our goal is to build a shared understanding of COVID and inform data-driven decision-making through clear, actionable, and real-time COVID risk data for every U.S resident.

This is what the Northern Mariana Islands’ COVID risk looks like today:

We continue to improve upon available data and accuracy to provide more information to the residents and visitors of the Northern Mariana Islands.

Covid Act Now is open-source, so everything can be freely shared, used, and built upon. Through our partnerships with Georgetown University Center for Global Health Science and Security, Stanford University Clinical Excellence Research Center, Grand Rounds, and more, we are always improving our data.

The following 5 Key Risk Factors are now available at Covid Act Now: Daily New Cases, Infection Rate, Test Positivity, ICU Headroom Used, and Tracers Hired.

To find the COVID data for the Northern Mariana Islands:

The Northern Mariana Islands are visible in the U.S. Coverage Map. You can also type “Northern Mariana Islands” into the search bar located above the map.

County-level data:

The Northern Mariana Islands are made up of four municipalities. We are actively working to improve upon our coverage of these municipalities to provide data that is as complete as possible.

For a description of assumptions and methodology, please see our references and assumptions document along with our data sources presentation.

To learn more about Covid Act Now, visit our about page. or for more information please reach out on our contact page or by email at

Introduciendo Puerto Rico a nuestro Mapa de Intervenciones para Estados Unidos

Estamos contentos de anunciar el lanzamiento de Puerto Rico en nuestro U.S. Coverage Map! Creemos que este es un importante desarrollo dado que Puerto Rico es un territorio que se ve impactado por las políticas públicas de Estados Unidos — pero que hasta ahora, no tenía visualizaciones de datos de COVID a nivel municipal.

Mientras desarrollamos nuestro primer modelo, lamentablemente no tuvimos acceso a datos suficientes para medir el riesgo de COVID en Puerto Rico, pero hemos estado trabajando duro desde entonces para conseguirlos. !Esta es la bienvenida de Covid Act Now a Puerto Rico!

Con estas noticias, así es como se ve el mapa de Puerto Rico hoy, 18 de agosto de 2020.

Puerto Rico es un territorio libre asociado de los Estados Unidos con una población de cerca de 3.19 millones en 2019. Hay muchas municipalidades, similares a counties, y muchos puertorriqueños hablan español. Por este motivo, estamos usando traducciones en inglés y español cuanto más se pueda en nuestras comunicaciones sobre COVID en Puerto Rico, y esperamos expandir las traducciones en nuestro sitio web.

Covid Act Now es un proyecto open-source, que puede ser compartido, usado y expandido libremente. Hay muchas otras plataformas de datos de COVID, y creemos que nuestro factor diferenciador es nuestro foco en datos locales. Somos uno de los primeros proveedores públicos de datos a nivel municipal de datos de COVID para Estados Unidos y actualmente somos el único proveedor de un mapa de datos para Puerto Rico a nivel municipal.

Los siguientes 5 factores clave de riesgo para Puerto Rico están disponibles en Covid Act Now: Daily New Cases, Infection Rate, Test Positivity, ICU Headroom Used y Tracers Hired.

CAN está comprometido a proveer a Puerto Rico la habilidad de tomar decisiones informadas de políticas públicas, desde órdenes de aislamiento, uso de mascarillas a educación individual sobre riesgo. Nuestra meta es construir un entendimiento común respecto de COVID e informar a tomadores de decisión mediante indicadores actualizados, claros y accionables sobre COVID.

Cómo acceder al modelo para Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico es visible en el U.S. Coverage Map. Puedes escribir “Puerto Rico” en la barra de búsqueda ubicada arriba del mapa, la que mostrará el modelo correspondiente.

Datos a nivel municipal

Aunque Puerto Rico tiene muchas municipalidades, todavía estamos trabajando en mostrar la mayor cantidad de datos de COVID a nivel municipal como sea posible. Mientras recopilamos estos datos, quizás notes que no todas las municipalidades de Puerto Rico están disponibles. CAN siempre ha priorizado presentar datos  accionables para que estados, counties y municipalidades actúen rápido para contener el COVID. Este es el primer paso para hacer seguimiento al riesgo en Puerto Rico, mientras seguimos recopilando datos a nivel municipal para mostrar una vista completa de Puerto Rico región por región.


Datos a nivel municipal más completos para Puerto Rico.

Si quieres saber más sobre cualquier información presentada aquí, puedes contactarnos.

Exporting Covid Act Now Data to a Spreadsheet

If you’re more familiar with editing or manipulating a spreadsheet than you are with code, we have good news! You can now export the data from Covid Act Now‘s model to your favorite spreadsheet, such as Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel.

The Covid Act Now API, which we launched yesterday, exports in CSV (comma separated value) format. This format can be easily imported into a spreadsheet.

We offer forward projections on the effects of COVID-19 for 50 U.S. States and more than 2,000 U.S. Counties. The projections are available by intervention type. (For more on “inference projections,” see this blog post.)

No Action TakenSocial DistancingShelter-in-Place“Inference Projections”U.S. StatesDownloadDownloadDownloadDownloadU.S. CountiesDownloadDownloadDownloadDownload

To import into Microsoft Excel, first open Excel and select the File Menu. Then, choose Open (File => Open). Navigate and select the CSV you just downloaded.

To import into Google Sheets, first create a new blank Google Sheet. Then choose File => Open. Choose Upload and drag-and-drop the CSV file you just downloaded.

The data is updated at least every three days, and we include a “last updated” field in the download so you can ensure your data is fresh.

If you are in the government using our data to plan your response to COVID, you can reach out to us at Or if you’d like to provide general feedback, thoughts, or questions, you can email us at

Covid Act Now & IHME: Why Two Models Are Better Than One

IHME and Covid Act Now's U.S. Interventions Model are two common forecasting tools used by decision-makers in the United States. We often get asked how these two models compare. This blog post lays out the answer to that question, to help bring clarity to the conversation around COVID-19 modeling.

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