Covid Exit Strategy & Covid Act Now are now one team

We’re excited to officially announce that Covid Exit Strategy (CES) and Covid Act Now (CAN) are joining forces. Updates to CES will continue until December 20, with the CES team joining CAN to grow the data and tools we provide for you. 

We have worked together to identify new official data sources and align on the thresholds for key indicators in order to make this unification possible. CES has been an invaluable resource to CAN, and we are especially grateful to have two key CES players join our team. CES’s founder Ryan Panchadsaram, currently at Kleiner Perkins and formerly United States Deputy CTO, will join CAN’s Board of Directors. Marta Wosińska of the Duke-Margolis Center for Health Policy and a CES advisor will join our Advisory Board. 

This consolidation represents months of collaboration between our two teams to create a unified COVID framework and resource that better helps Americans reach a shared understanding of this pandemic. 

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