Introducing Puerto Rico COVID Mapping to our U.S. Coverage

We are happy to announce the launch of Puerto Rico in our U.S. Coverage Map! We believe that this is an important development given that Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory affected by American public policy—but, until now, there were no visualizations for county-level COVID data for Puerto Rico. 

As we were developing our first model, we sadly did not have access to enough data to accurately measure the COVID risk in Puerto Rico. Since then, we have been working hard to add these data. This is a long-overdue Covid Act Now welcome to Puerto Rico!

Here is what Puerto Rico’s COVID risk levels looks like on Aug 18, 2020:

Puerto Rico is a self-governed commonwealth territory of the United States with a population of about 3.19 million as of 2019. Puerto Rice has many municipalities, which are similar to counties, and many Puerto Ricans speak Spanish. For this reason, we are using translations in English and Spanish as much as possible to communicate about COVID in Puerto Rico, and we hope to expand that change to the website. 

Covid Act Now is open-source, so all our data can be freely shared, used, and built upon. There are many other great COVID data platforms out there, and we see our unique value as our focus on local data. We were one of the earliest public providers of a county-level map of COVID in the U.S., and we are currently the only provider of a map of municipal data for Puerto Rico.

The following 5 Key Risk Factors for Puerto Rico are now available at Covid Act Now: Daily New Cases, Infection Rate, Test Positivity, ICU Headroom Used, and Tracers Hired.

CAN is committed to providing Puerto Rico with the ability to make informed decisions on public policy, like stay-at-home and mask orders, as well as individual education on risk. It is our goal to build a shared understanding of COVID and inform data-driven decision-making through clear, actionable, and real-time metrics about COVID.

To find the Model for Puerto Rico:

You can find Puerto Rico in the U.S. Coverage Map, or you can type “Puerto Rico” into the search bar located above the map.

Puerto Rico’s county-level data:

Though Puerto Rico has many municipalities, we are still working to show as much granular, region-specific COVID data as possible. While we collect this data, you may notice that not all Puerto Rican municipalities are visible. CAN has always prioritized providing actionable data to help states and counties act quickly to contain COVID. This update is a first step in tracking Puerto Rico’s risk, while we continue to collect municipality-level data to show a more complete view of Puerto Rico region-by-region.

Coming next

More complete county-level data for Puerto Rico.

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