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A Tale of Two Cities


Our friend, Dr. George Rutherford from UCSF, pointed us to this data visualization which illustrates how COVID-19 caseload has varied between Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Read on to see...

Mapping Hospital Overload by County


Now that 42 states have adopted some form of “stay at home” policy, we’ve updated our primary map to reflect the county-level forecast for hospital overload. The intent here is to encourage ourselves to strictly follow the “stay at home” policies and prevent overload (and the added deaths that come along with overload). Read on to learn more...

Embeddable Data from Covid Act Now


We know that the data and modeling we’re doing will have the greatest impact and save the most lives if it is discoverable and actionable by the widest possible audience. Starting today, we are making our data embeddable by other publishers.

Read on to see what it looks like live.

Why We MUST Act Now


Dr. Nirav R. Shah of Stanford Medical School and describes the "point of no return" and why we must act now — all from the comfort of his home as he #stayshome.


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